About Us

  A photo of Chloe

Based out of Evergreen studio, Coventry, Chloe Victoria offers expert body piercing, custom curations and fine body jewellery. 

With over 7 years experience, whilst also parttaking in consistent industry specific education, you are guaranteed to have a professional piercing experience. Chloe has First aid training and is also up to date with her blood bourne pathogens course as well as attending up to 2 industry seminars/conferences a year such as the UK association for professional piercers conference.
Chloe only pierces with the highest quality needles designed specifically for body piercing as well as using completely disposable equipment. This, along with using a completely aseptic technique, creates a completely safe, sterile and hygienic piercing procedure. 
Chloe prides herself on making a safe piercing space for all, offering jewellery to fit all tastes and budgets as well as specific accomodations to make a comfortable experience for everyone.
Chloe currently stocks jewellery from verified implant grade titanium body jewellery companies such as Industrial strength, Inari Organics, Neometal as well as offering 14-18kt gold body jewellery from companies such as BVLA, Junipurr, Buddha Jewellery Organics and Anatometal. 
Outside of piercing Chloe also runs a content creation business, is an aerial hoop instructor and also parttakes in bouldering and powerlifting. She also loves cats (this is very important.) 
If you'd like to book an appointment with Chloe for Piercing, Jewellery changes or consultations please email at Chloevictoriapiercer@gmail.com.