Here's everything you need to know about looking after your brand new piercing! 
I recommend cleaning twice a day, anymore can over clean it and irritate it and we dont want that! 
  1. Wash your hands! Hot soapy water is best, and dry them thoroughly. 
  2. Spray the entrance and exit holes, front and back with sterile saline! We recommend Neilmed saline spray which you can buy from us! 
  3. Do your best to wipe away and debri or white/yellow lymph fluid with non-woven gauze or kitchen roll! Try to avoid anything like toilet roll or cotton wool as they fall apart and leave fibres everywhere! 
  4. Pat your piercing dry with gauze or kitchen roll, do your best to dry it as well as you can without disrupting the piercing too much!
  5. After your initial swelling phase is over, book in for a downsize!


Now heres the do not's: 

  1. Do not twist, touch or mess with your new piercing. 
  2. Do your best not to sleep on your new piercing!
  3. With oral piercings, refrain from smoking or alcohol for the inital healing phase. 
  4. With nasal piercings refrain from any recreational substance use through your nostrils. 
  5. Don't change your jewellery too early! 

For any other questions don't hesitate to contact us!